Wonderful Sight-seeing Region with
Numerous Architectural Relics to Explore
in Castle Town “Kanazawa” -
City maintains much of its
traditional look and appeal

Many traditional crafts and bountiful traditional culture including
tea ceremony,Noh plays, food culture, etc.
Enjoy the many attractions while stayingin our relaxing
Japanese-style business hotel.

"Wonderful Sight-seeing Region with
Numerous Architectural Relics to Explore
in Castle Town “Kanazawa” - City
maintains much of its
traditional look and appeal "

Many traditional crafts and
bountiful traditional culture including
tea ceremony, Noh plays, food culture, etc.

(Preventive Measures For Coronavirus)

Hotel Dormy Inn Group has implemented the following measures:

Inside hotel
① Spray utilized to disinfect common areas after guest check-out.
②Hypochloric acid utilized to wipe door knobs, water faucets, desk, and remote control when cleaning rooms.
 Procedures for disinfecting inside the shuttle bus are conducted as well.
③All staff members wear masks when on duty.

Staff duties:
① Strictly wash hands and gargle thoroughly
② Check body temperature daily
③ Staff wear masks in restaurant, when cleaning rooms and conducting hotel inspections
④ Shield installed at the front desk for guest and staff protection

Hotel Manager
Natural Hotsprings Kaga-no-Hozen Onyado Nono Kanazawa

The floors throughout the entire building are tatami mats,
offering a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

The hotel is situated at the center of sightseeing in Kanazawa, which includes the Kenrokuen Gardens,
one of Japan’s three most beautiful Japanese gardens and the Nagamachi Samurai Residence.
There are various types of Japanese-style rooms in the hotel.
The hotel is built as a “Modernized Hatago”, with Japanese-style softness and luster,
so that you will experience more of “true” Japan after checking in.

Title  spa

"Kaga-No-Hosen" is a large natural hot springs with
gender-separate baths for men and women.
It is equipped with a spacious sauna and a cold bath.
A large, relaxing communal bath to soothe your body and soul.
Location: 13F
Open: From 15:00 to 10:00 next morning
(Sauna is closed from midnight to 5:00 next morning)
Men’s Bath: Indoor bath, open-air bath, 2 pot baths, cold-water bath (13℃), sauna (with TV)
Women’s Bath: Indoor bath, open-air bath, 2 pot baths, cold-water bath (13℃), sauna (with TV)
Spring Quality: Strong sodium chloride hot spring
Hot springs
Muscle pain, poor circulation, fatigue recovery, health promotion, etc.

* Persons with tattoos are not allowed in the communal bath.

Title  restaurant

The concept of breakfast is "Boosting immune system!".
All-you-can-eat buffet breakfast.
Take precautions while eating in restaurant with “safety” and “care.”

【Aji Meguri Kobachi Yokocho】 Healthy and tasty meals with appetizing appearance- Served in small one-bite portions.
Both hot and chilled dishes are available.

  • The picture is an example only - entrees may vary.

  • The picture is an example only - entrees may vary.

【Freshly fried egg dishes and special dishes】 Despite being a chain hotel,
"dormy Inn" has its own characteristics in each property. This applies to our breakfast menu too.
In addition to the local specialty dishes, the live cooking station prepares the fresh-fried eggs and tempura dishes dynamically to satisfy all five senses.
Please ask our staff to prepare it on the spot for freshly cooked dishes.
The contents of the dishes vary among the properties

Location: 2F
Open Hours: From 6:30am to 9:30am (Last entry 9:00am)
Serving Japanese and
Western-style buffet:
Example, seafood bowl, etc.

Yonaki Soba

Thumb  yonakisoba

Yonaki Soba Location: Restaurant 2F
Free of charge
Opening Hours: 21:30 - 23:00

Yonaki Soba noodles at night
Complimentary "Yonaki Soba" noodles served from 21:30 to 23:00 every night
Come and eat a bowl of ramen noodles with soy sauce broth

Location: Restaurant 2F Free of charge Opening Hours: 21:30 - 23:00

If you miss the fresh Yonaki Soba noodles within the stated serving time, cup noodles are available from 23:00 - 25:00.
※For details, please inquire at the front desk.

If you have a food allergy...

During food preparation for breakfast at establishments in the Dormy Inn chain, the seven following allergens, as well as other possible allergens, may come in contact with the same cooking utensils, oil or other items used.

7 designated allergens: ■ egg ■ wheat ■ shrimp ■ milk ■ crab ■ buckwheat ■ peanut/nuts

Yonaki Soba uses chicken and pork to prepare the soup, and flour to make the noodles.

Title  guestroom

Walk around barefoot as in your own home.
Feel the tatami mat texture and relax!


  • Moderate Double Room

    - 15.2〜17m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress 1,400mm×1,950mm

  • Moderate King Room

    - 19.6m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress 1,800mm×1,950mm

  • Moderate Twin Room

    - 20.1〜22.8m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress 
    1,200mm×1,950mm 2 beds

  • Corner Twin Room

    - 25.6m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress

  • Deluxe Twin Room

    - 27.1m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress

  • Moderate Triple Room

    - 27.1m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress
    1,000mm×1,950mm 3 beds

  • Superior Triple Room

    - 35.3m2
    - 1,000mm×1,950mm 1 bed
    - 1,200mm×1,950mm 2 beds

  • Family Fourth Room

    - 33.7m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress 
    1,000mm×1,950mm 4 beds

  • Universal (Barrier-Free) Room

    - 42m2
    - Serta Bed Mattress
    2 beds
    + 2 sets of futons

Room facilities

Free Wi-Fi / wired internet connection in all guest rooms

Warm-water bidet / LCD TV in all rooms / BS broadcasting (complimentary) / Refrigerator / Serta bed mattress / Inoic hairdryer / VOD (charged 1000 yen per night)
Air conditioner (individual / with air purifying function) / Shower booth / Telephone

Other Guestroom Extras

Toothbrush / Bath Towel / Body towel / Face towel / Bath mat / Room wear / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Hand soap / Deodorant spray / Hair brush / Electric pot / Tea set / Memo pad / Pen

Rental accessories

Iron / Trouser Press / Sewing Kit / Extension Cord / Mobile Charger

Smoking Booth: 1F, 4F

Title  facilities

Laundry corner

Location: 13F (security locks available for women guests, please inquire at the front desk)Number of units: 5

Smoking booth

Location: 1F, 4F

Vending machines

Location: 1F, 4F, 7F, 10F, 12F

Manga corner

Location: 13F

Title  info Title  info  m
Hotel name Natural Hotsprings
Onyado Nono Kanazawa
Open date April 28, 2021
* Time may vary depending on your accommodation package.
of Room:
305 rooms
(185 Moderate Double Room, 11 Moderate King Room, 11 Compact Twin Room, 50 Moderate Twin Room, 10 Corner Twin Room, 4 Deluxe Twin Room, 6 Moderate Triple Room, 6 Superior Triple Room, 10 Family Fourth Room, 1 Universal (Barrier-Free) Room)
Hot Springs Natural hot spring baths, Gender-separate baths for men and women

(Indoor bath, open-air bath, sauna)
Restaurant "Hatago Restaurant" 2F
Parking 76 car mechanical multi-level car parking, 1 ground-level parking, 1 parking lot for handicapped use (1,200 yen per vehicle per night)
* Maximum size of vehicle permitted
Length 5,300mm, Total Width 2,050mm, Height 2,000mm
Outer width of tyre 1,940mm
Minimum height 90mm
Maximum weight 2500kg
Title  access Title  access  m
1-1 Shimotsutsumi-cho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan 920-0917
TEL 076-223-5489 / FAX 076-223-1160
[By train]
16-minute-walk from JR Kanazawa Station
4 minutes by bus from Hokuriku Bus No. 6-10, and one-minute-walk from bus station

[By car]
About 20 minutes from Kanazawa Higashi IC

Google Map

Scan the QR code below for a map.
If you are using a smartphone, you can navigate to the hotel

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Asakusa Onyado Nono

4 Minutes by walk from Asakusa Station, Tsukuba Express Line
Ryoun no Yu Onyado Nono Asakusa
is a Japanese style business hotel where both business and
leisure travelers alike can find soothing relaxation.

Toyama Onyado Nono

Surrounded by the nature of Toyama Bay,
each room's cypress bath affers a relaxing. Classically Japanese bathing experience.

Onyado Nono Kyoto

7min walk from JR「Kyoto Sta.」central exit. 4min walk from Subway 「Kyoto Sta.」A-5Exit. The hotel is good for both business and leisure and you can enjoy feeling genuine Japanese atmosphere.

Nono list  thumb  nara

Nara Onyado Nono

In our gender-segregated communal bathhouse, you can take in the soothing fresh air from the outside as you warm your body in our half-open-air bath, or enjoy a leisurely solitary dip in
one of our popular jar-shaped tsuboyu baths.

Onyado Nono Namba

1-minute walk from Nippombashi station. Nono business hotel has the best accessibility. We offer a variety of delicious local dishes in our breakfast menu, such as "deep-fried meat and vagetables," "braised beef stew" and "Okonomiyaki."

Sakaiminato Onyado Nono

Sakai Port is most famous for its abandant daily fresh catch of crabs. Nono located in Sakai port has the best accessibility to Yonago Airport as well as Japan Sea, which allows us to offer you the most seasonable and tasty seafood.You can also enjoy the view of Sakai port and Japan Sea while relaxing in our public bath on the top floor of the hotel.

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