Replica of the atmosphere of
downtown Tokyo during the Edo period

4 Minutes by walk from Asakusa Station, Tsukuba Express Line
Ryoun no Yu Onyado Nono Asakusa
is a Japanese style business hotel where both business and
leisure travelers alike can find soothing relaxation.

Replica of the atmosphere of
downtown Tokyo during the Edo period

4 Minutes by walk from Asakusa Station, Tsukuba Express Line
Ryoun no Yu Onyado Nono Asakusa
is a Japanese style business hotel where both business and
leisure travelers alike can find soothing relaxation.

【Accommodation Tax】

In addition to the room charge, guests staying at Dormy Inn properties in Tokyo
will need to pay an accommodation tax that will be levied by the government beginning March 1, 2020.
Thank you in advance for understanding this increase due to government tax laws.
The accommodation tax charged is based on the amount of the room charge.
Under JPY10,000 per night → No charge
JPY10,000 - 14,999 yen per night → JPY100 per night per person
JPY 15,000 and above → JPY200 per person per night

The above is the rate charged per person per night.
※ The rates shown on the homepage exclude the accommodation tax.
Thank you in advance for understanding this required change due to taxation.
※ Accommodation tax will be exempted from July 1 to September 30, 2020.

Hotel Manager

Communal area resembling the atmosphere of downtown Tokyo.

Located at the intersection of business and tourist attractions, a perfect combination of both.
With the hotel designed as a modern day Inn, it is entirely with Tatami, the hotel provides the soft yet noble atmosphere unique to Japan.
Therefore, you will be enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere to the fullest.

Title  spa

Ryoun no Yu is our fully equipped, gender-divided communal bathhouse with a natural hot spring. Along with the unique, dark colored hot spring filled with minerals, you may also enjoy the warmth of the hot spring inside the half-open bath.
Location: B1F
Operating hours: 15:00~9:00 the next day
(Sauna will be closed from
0:00~5:00 the next day)
Facilities: Indoor bath、half-open-air bath、Jar-shaped tsuboyu bath、cold water bath(Male) Sauna(Male) 、Steam room(Female)
Components: Sodium-hydrogen carbonate and chloride-cooled mineral spring
Benefits: Helps treat nerve pain、muscle aches, stiff joints, frozen shoulders and more

* The hotel does not allow people with tattoos or the like to enter the baths.

Title  restaurant

Onyado Nono Asakusa is located in one of the most popular areas for tourists from overseas--Asakusa, Tokyo. You can enjoy the true Japanese style breakfast, Japanese style buffet served with the local specialty-Japanese beef hot pot and sushi.
Location: 1F
Open hours: 6:30 – 9:00 Last entrance: 8:45
Serving: Main dish with side buffet

Yonaki Soba

Thumb  yonakisoba

Yonaki Soba Location: 1st floor dining hall
Cost: free
Times: 21:30–23:00

Free Yonaki soba, a soup noodle, available daily from
Go ahead and try Dormy Inn's special noodle recipe with a light soy sauce broth.

Location: 1st floor dining hall  Cost: free  Times: 21:30–23:00

If you can't make it in time, we have a special late-night service with instant noodles in a cup from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
* Inquire at the front desk for details.

If you have a food allergy...

During food preparation for breakfast at establishments in the Dormy Inn chain, the seven following allergens, as well as other possible allergens, may come in contact with the same cooking utensils, oil or other items used.

7 designated allergens: ■ egg ■ wheat ■ shrimp ■ milk ■ crab ■ buckwheat ■ peanut/nuts

Yonaki Soba uses chicken and pork to prepare the soup, and flour to make the noodles.

Title  recommend

Today, we’re introducing “Edo,” the old town area in the neighborhood of our hotel.  Only a XX-second walk from our hotel is the the oldest amusement park in Japan, Hanayashiki.
  • When thinking of Asakusa, the first thing that comes to mind by everyone is Senso-ji Temple.

    Pay a visit to the temple and pick up your omikuji (Japanese fortune-telling written on a strip of paper).
    You may get a great blessing.
    Stroll down Nakamise Dori, the historic shopping street. It is lined with over 100 shops that sell everything from snacks to souvenirs of Japan. Be sure to ask our staff for shopping tips!
    The Torinoichi Fair runs all year round in Asakusa.  Be sure to check the schedule out and book our hotel.

  • Hanayashiki is Japan's first and oldest amusement park.

    In 1953, the roller coaster was installed and today it is the oldest running attraction in Japan. Be sure to ride on this old, but still operating, roller coaster.
    The park, which is over 150 years old, is still a good theme park for all ages.
    The shortcut from the hotel to the “Shounkaku Gate” entrance is a short 30-second walk.
    (However, individual differences exist.)
    ※Entry through “Shounkaku Gate” only as a preventive measure against COVID-19.
    ※You can enter the souvenir shop without passing through the amusement park.

  • Our hotel is famous for its “Kuroyu” (black water) hotsprings communal bath.

    The black water is rich in minerals and is said to have healing effects for the body.
    There are so many things to see and experience in Asakusa.
    Be sure to recharge yourself by soaking in the Kuroyu bath after sightseeing. Then enjoy a refreshing beer or bottle of cold milk after bathing.  Of course, bathing multiple times is welcome during your stay in the hotel.  Refresh yourself by taking a morning bath before your departure!

Title  guestroom

Ryoun no Yu Onyado Nono Asakusa provides at-home comfort with 100% tatami mat flooring that cares for your bare feet.Warm plain wood walls in guest rooms help provide a thoroughly relaxing setting for your stay.


  • Single Room

    - 14.06〜15.0m2
    - Bed made by Serta,

  • Double Room

    - 14.06〜17.7m2
    - Bed made by Serta, 1,400mm x 1,950mm

  • Queen Room

    - 17.78m2
    - Bed made by Serta, 1,600mm x 1,950mm

  • Twin Room

    - 19.35m2
    - Bed made by Serta
    1,200mm x 1,950mm x 2台

Guestroom Amenities

All rooms come with free Wi-Fi wired internet connections.

All rooms come with a toilet equipped with warm water spray / Liquid Crystal TV/BS satellite channels (free of charge) / refrigerator/Serta bed (some rooms use Airweave) / Panasonic Ionity hair dryer/ Video-on-demand (billed at 1000 yen/day) / Room A/C (Separate units for each room/Air purifying feature) / Shower booth / Telephone.

Other Guestroom Extras

Tooth brushes / Bath towels / Face Towels / Bath mat / Loungewear / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Hand soap / Air freshner spray / hair brushes / shaving razors / cotton swabs / hanger / Electric kettle / tea set / memo pad / ball point pen.

Rentable items

Desk lamp / Iron / Pants press /DVD Player / Voltage converter / phone charger.

Smoking booths:1st、7th floors

Title  facilities

Laundry Corner

Location: For male:2F
      For female:B1F・2F
2F:5 washing machines for both men & women / 3 washing machines for women
B1F:2 washing machines inside the women's bath

Smoking Booths

Location: 1st、7th floor

Vending machines

Location: Underground 1st floor、1st、7th、10th floor

Title  info Title  info  m
Name of Facility Tennen Onsen Ryoun no Yu Onyado Nono Asakusa
Date Opened July, 2019
Check In /
Check Out
※It may vary depending on the plan you make the reservation under
Number of
rooms available
Yoshinozakura no Yu gender-segregated bathhouse with a natural hot spring
(49 Single、75 Double、8 Queen、22 Twin)
Baths Gender divided bathhouse with natural hot spring 「Ryoun no Yu」
(Indoor bath、half-open-air bath、jar-shaped tsuboyu bath、cold water bath(Male)、Sauna)
Dining Hatago dining hall on the basement 1st floor
Parking 11 spaces available. 3500 yen per night for each vehicle/One-day entry and exit between 15:00~11:00 the next day
※Reservation required
Title  access Title  access  m
〒111-0032 Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa2-7-20
TEL 03-5830-0510 / FAX 03-5828-3470
[Coming by train]
4 minute walk from Asakusa station on Tsukuba Express line
8 minute walk from Asakusa station on Ginza line

Google Map

When you read the following QR code, the map around the hotel will be displayed.
Those who use smartphones can navigate to the hotel.

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Toyama Onyado Nono

Surrounded by the nature of Toyama Bay,
each room's cypress bath affers a relaxing. Classically Japanese bathing experience.

Nono list  thumb  nara

Nara Onyado Nono

In our gender-segregated communal bathhouse, you can take in the soothing fresh air from the outside as you warm your body in our half-open-air bath, or enjoy a leisurely solitary dip in one of our popular jar-shaped tsuboyu baths.

Onyado Nono Namba

1-minute walk from Nippombashi station. Nono business hotel has the best accessibility. We offer a variety of delicious local dishes in our breakfast menu, such as "deep-fried meat and vagetables," "braised beef stew" and "Okonomiyaki."

Sakaiminato Onyado Nono

Sakai Port is most famous for its abandant daily fresh catch of crabs. Nono located in Sakai port has the best accessibility to Yonago Airport as well as Japan Sea, which allows us to offer you the most seasonable and tasty seafood.You can also enjoy the view of Sakai port and Japan Sea while relaxing in our public bath on the top floor of the hotel.

Title  reservation  vertical Title  reservation
チェックイン日 Check in / /
泊数 Nights Nights
ご利用人数 Number of People 人/1室 people/1room
ご利用部屋数 Number of Rooms 部屋 rooms
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