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About booking

When do I start to make a reservation?
You can make reservation 6 months prior to your arrival date.
What is your cancellation policy?
There is a cancellation charge, if you cancel within 2 days of your arrival. (No charge until 12:00 PM of two days before your arrival date)
Please explain about the children's rate
About the children's charge *Applied for children under 12 years old

■About the room charge:
・Children from 0 to 6 years old: free of charge
※However, if you request a child amenity, additional amount will be charged.
・Children from ages 7 to 12 years old have a charge of 16,500KW with breakfast included.
※Bed-sharing is available for double bed and twin bed only.
※If you would like to apply for bed-sharing service, please fill in the request form on our website.

■About the breakfast charge:
・Children from 0 to 6 years old: free
・Children from 7 to 12 years old: The breakfast charge is 16,500 won
※Children over 13 years old are charged as an adult guest.

About other inqueries, please contact the email address below.
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About the payment

When is the appropriate time to pay room charge?
You can make a payment upon your arrival when you check in.
※Local Cash & Credit card (Visa, JCB, AMEX, Master Card, Diners Club) available.
Can I use gift certificates?
I am sorry, it is not available.
Can I use traveler's checks?
Sorry, we do not accept traveler’s checks.
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About the rooms

Please tell us the time of check-in and check-out.
Check-in is 3:00 PM, and Check out is 0:00 PM of next day.
Please tell me additional charge of early arrival and late extension.
It will be 22,000 won per room, per extra hour (including tax).
Reservation is required prior to arrival.
Do you have smoking rooms?
No, all the rooms are non-smoking. However there are smoking booths located on floors 5F, 9F, and 13F.
Is there a bathtub in the room?
Only Twin and triple rooms have a bathtub.
Please tell me the brand name of room beds.
All rooms have Simmons beds.
Do you have available room for 3 people?
Yes, we have the family room which allows for 3 people to stay in the same room.
Do you have transformable voltage plug in?
Yes, we have transformable voltage outlet of both 110v and 220v.
Please tell me about your room amenities?
Bath towel, face towel, body towel, bath mat, shampoo, rinse, body soap, hand soap, slippers, a tea set, coffee set, shoehorn, kettle-type pot, negative iron dryer, hanger, odor removal spray, cotton swab, water bottle etc are provided in each room.
※ Toothbrush : 3,300won (tax included), Razor : 5,500won (tax included)
Please tell me about the equipment of the room.
Individual air conditioning, safe, wash net, humidified air cleaner-congestion system, refrigerator, transformer corresponding outlet, shower booth (single, double), bath (twin, triple), and the like.
Is there lending goods?
Iron & trouser press, student lamp, pillows, washing net, nail clippers, wine opener, can opener, sewing kit, umbrella, ice pack, thermometer, extension cords, blankets, disposable chopsticks, children's wear and the like are provided.
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About breakfast

Please tell me about opening hours of restaurant.
6:30 AM - 9:30 AM (close 10:00 AM)
How much is the breakfast rate?
0 ~ 6 years old: Free of charge
12 years old: 16,500 won (tax included)
Over 13 years old: 27,500 won (tax included)
What kind of menu available at breakfast?
We have a variety of 70 different kinds of Japanese, Western and Korean style foods for you to enjoy.
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Healing Spa (Public bath)

Please tell me about opening hours of spa.
15:00 PM ~ 10:00 AM of the next morning (Sauna is closed 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM)
Is there a fee to use the spa?
The spa is free of charge for guests who stay at the hotel.
Is there a towel in the spa?
There is no towel at the spa area, please make sure to bring the towel from your room.
What are free amenities available in the spa?
Shampoo, rinse, body soap, brush, dryer, cotton swab are provided.
 ※Women's Spa: cleansing lotion, emulsion, cotton
 ※Men's Spa: shaving foam, hair tonic, hair liquid, after-shave lotion
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About the facilities in the room

Is there a laundry corner?
Yes, laundry machine is available at dressing room.
Can I buy cigarettes at the hotel?
We do not sell cigarettes at the hotel. However, we will guide you to the nearest convenience store.
Where can I use Wi-Fi?
The connection is available in all the facilities, free of charge.
Am I able to leave my luggage at the hotel?
Yes, you can keep your luggage at the front desk.
Is there any access to computers in the hotel?
There are PCs available for free at the library corner in lobby area.
Is there a parking facility?
Yes, there is. Parking is available(reservation is needed) and costs 15,000won per night.
When the our parking lot is full, we will guide you other some parking lots near by.

[Maximum Car Dimension]
[Standard Car] length 5.15m x Height 1.55m x Width 2.15m Weight 2.2
[High Roof Car] length 5.15m x Height 1.9m x Width 2.15m Weight 2.2
◆ The Modified cars are not allowed to park.
※ We do not take any responsibility for damage of the above mentioned cars.
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How can I find the hotel from the nearest station?
① From Seoul Station
Seoul Station => Subway Line 4 => Transfer to Line 3 at (Chungmuro) Chungmuro station => get off at Sinsa (Sin sa) station: about 25 minutes

② From Myeong-dong
Myeong-dong station → Subway Line 4 => Transfer to Line 3 at (Chungmuro) Chungmuro station => get off at Sinsa (Sin sa) station: about 20 minutes

③ From COEX
Samsung (Samsung) station => Subway Line 2 => Transfer to Line 3 at Kyo-dai (Kyode) station => get off at Sinsa (Sin sa) station: about 20 minutes

※1-minute walk from the exit No 8 at Sinsa (Sin sa) station
How do I get to the hotel from the airport?
① limousine bus
・Get on the limousine bus no 6009 from the bus top 5A at Incheon International Airport. After getting off at Sinsadong (Sinsadong), walk about 7 minutes
Time: about 70 minutes; Fee: 15,000 won

・Limousine bus is not available from Gimpo Airport. (No. 642 of city circulation bus, about 80 minutes)

② subway
・Incheon Airport => Get on at airport line => Transfer to Route 9 at Gimpo International Airport Station => Transfer to Line 3 in the Express Bus Terminal => 1 minute walk from exit no. 8 in Sinsadong station, time: about 97 minutes

・Kimpo Airport => Subway Line 9 => Transfer to line 3 in high-speed terminal station => 1 minute walk from exit no. 8 in Sinsadong station, time: about 60 minutes

③ taxi
・Approximately 70 minutes to Sinsa station in general taxi from Incheon International Airport
※Estimated fee: Approx 45,000 to 50,000 won. Separately, 7,600 won highway fee will be charged.
・About 50 minutes to Sinsa station in general taxi from Gimpo Airport.
※Estimated fee: Approx 25,000 to 30,000 won. It’s up to the traffic situation.
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Is there a concierge desk?
Yes, there is. During your stay, we will help you according to your needs.