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Surrounding Area

Ideal Location...

Gangnam  Samseong

Garosugil has attracted attention as a trendy location in Korea.
The street with new tourist hub is popular for fashion and various cafes.


The Apgujeong area is lined with upscale restaurants and shops. It is the high end shopping area in Korea, and a popular destination for both Koreans and visitors from other countries.


The COEX MALL is a business and commercial complex served by Samseong Station. Along with clothing, cosmetics, and general goods shops, the mall houses a convention center, a movie theater, and the COEX Aquarium. It is crowded all week long.

Myeongdong (Shopping)

Seoul’s bustling downtown area where visitors can enjoy everything from shopping to food and spas.


The most famous tourist spot in Korea. Right next to the gate is the Dongdaemun Market, Korea’s largest wholesale market for clothing.

Namdaemun Market

The oldest market in Seoul where you can find practically anything you need. The market resembles a maze of small streets, and is always crowded with shoppers and tourists.


The Insadong neighborhood is a popular tourist spot known for traditional handicrafts, antiques, and calligraphy artworks.

Gyeongbokgung (Royal Palace, World Heritage)

The old royal palace contains a beautiful garden known as “Biwon” (secret garden). It was constructed by King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty. For around 500 years, the palace was where Korean kings resided and attended to the affairs of state.

Gwanghwamun square

The Gwanghwamun square features various objects of historical importance and a number of facilities synonymous with Seoul. The plaza offers something to delight every visitor that comes.