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To our valued customers
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. In order to enhance convenience for tourists who are traveling from overseas, we have established our own official English website. At Hotel Dormy Inn, we offer you the perfect combination of quality hotel accommodations and warm hospitality. Our guests are met with a hearty welcome and we invite you to “live,” not just “stay,” in our rooms which have been designed and furnished with the utmost care. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

For English inquiries,please email to the following address.
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This is Hotel Dormy Inn.

We sincerely hope that our guests here will be able to recover from the fatigues of work, just as they would when arriving at their own homes after a long day on the job, and relax and unwind as usual in a clean, comfortable room with a refreshing bath. Our goal is to be a “business hotel like a second home,” where travelers meet with the ultimate in hospitality.

Spa , Room , Breakfast

Onsen-quality common bath

Refresh your body and soul at our natural hot spring, open-air bath, and sauna! No more squeezing yourself into a small hotel unit bath – here you can relax and stretch out your arms and legs for the utmost comfort!

A room just like your own

We often hear hotel guests complain that the bed sheets are too tightly tucked in to have a nice sleep. We thought, “Why not use a Japanese-style futon on the bed?” When taking advantage of the common amenities available inside the hotel, guests can wear a pair of sterilized slippers and samue casual home wear which are provided for their use. You no longer have to feel embarrassed about going to a restaurant in a yukata cotton kimono!

Homemade breakfast

You’re sure to be impressed by the extensive selection of our delicious breakfast menu. Prepared at the hotel kitchen using local specialties, we serve either a buffet or set meal at our various hotel locations. Eat to your heart’s content for another successful day!

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